Stewardship Principles guide uranium companies

The global nuclear power industry is committed to working cooperatively to ensure uranium and its by-products are managed in a safe, environmentally, economically and socially responsible manner.

Uranium stewardship is a program of action by the global nuclear power industry to put that commitment into practice.

A central idea of uranium stewardship is the responsibility shared by all players in every sector in the nuclear fuel cycle – from exploration and mining to spent fuel recycling and management, from the production of medical resources to the operation of nuclear power plants - to work with all other sectors to give effect to stewardship principles.

The Australian Uranium Association’s Uranium Stewardship Principles reflect and are consistent with the global principles being developed under the auspices of the World Nuclear Association.

The Australian Uranium Association is developing plans for working with other sectors to implement stewardship principles.

The Association’s Principles are additional to the broader Australian minerals industry’s commitment to sustainable development as outlined in the Minerals Council of Australia’s Enduring Value; and to the Australian Uranium Association’s Charter and Code of Practice.

Through the Principles, the Australian uranium industry aims to engage the public and earn trust for the exploration, mining and export of uranium.

Recognising that uranium stewardship is a responsibility shared by all players in every sector in the nuclear fuel cycle, the Australian uranium industry will work together in a spirit of cooperation with other sectors to give effect to these principles and commits to:

  1. The safe and peaceful use of nuclear technology
  2. Continual improvement of our quality, health, safety, security and environmental performance to minimise the impacts of our activities on people and the environment
  3. Contributing to social and economic development of the communities where we operate
  4. Recognition of fundamental human rights
  5. Open, honest and transparent communication
  6. Operating ethically with sound corporate governance
  7. Sharing knowledge to encourage widespread adoption of best practices
  8. Acting responsibly in the areas that we manage and control, and share our concern in other sectors of the nuclear fuel cycle
  9. Providing responsible sourcing, use and management of uranium and all its by-products
  10. As an industry, regularly communicating progress on the implementation of the principles to our stakeholders and review and update them as necessary