1 April 2011 - Official review process can address all NT Government concerns on Angela Pamela


The Australian Uranium Association today re-stated its confidence that the Northern Territory mine review process could successfully address all the matters raised by Chief Minister Henderson justifying his opposition to the Angela Pamela project near Alice Springs.

“The procedures available under the NT Mining Act could deal with all the concerns the Chief Minister says he has about a prospective mine at Angela Pamela,” the Chief Executive Officer of the AUA, Michael Angwin, said today.

“There is no need for him to pre-empt his Government’s own processes”.

In justifying his Legislative Assembly motion opposing the project, Mr Henderson cited the following issues:

·         Public concerns about the reputation and culture of Alice Springs;

·         Environmental and health concerns, and

·         Fears expressed by the local tourism industry.

Mr Angwin said the administrative procedures under the Mining Act provided for extensive public consultation and for the consideration of public views. They also provided for rigorous assessment of environmental and health issues.

“Should the Angela Pamela project proponents decide to exercise their right to apply to mine the deposit, we hope the NT Government will allow a science-based public service review of the merits of that application to proceed,” Mr Angwin said.

“The Mining Act sets out the process to assess a mining application based on the scientific evidence and facts. All the uranium industry is asking is for any Angela Pamela mining application to be assessed under that process, without political interference.

“If a proposal met all the requirements of that process and officials recommended the mine be allowed to go ahead, then we would expect the Northern Territory Government to accept the official assessment and let the mine proceed,” Mr Angwin said.