5 May 2010 - Uranium companies concerned about Resources Super Profits Tax


At their annual meeting in Darwin today, members of the Australian Uranium Association expressed serious concern about the proposed super profits tax.

“The Australian uranium industry acknowledges the need for the nation to benefit from its activities,” the Association’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Angwin said.

“However, the benefits the industry provides extend beyond taxes, royalties, jobs and export earnings.

“These benefits include indigenous training, employment, business development and other community support, particularly in the regions and remote locations” Mr Angwin said.

“The Australian uranium industry comprises Australian companies working to expand in order to support the world in producing more carbon free energy.

“Australia has more uranium resources than any other country and has an outstanding opportunity to develop them further in a safe and sustainable way.

“The Federal Government must urgently review its proposed super tax to ensure companies have the incentive to continue exploration and the development of projects.”