12 June 2009 - Radiation safety guide for employees now available

A new practical guide to radiation safety for workers in the mining and minerals processing sector is now available.

Co-sponsored by the Australian Uranium Association and the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, the guide is available for download from the AUA's website, www.aua.org.au 

The guide has been written and produced by radiation safety experts Katrina Sonter and Mark Sonter.

The guide is intended to be a practical, easily-understood handbook which mining industry workers can use to help keep themselves safe when working with radioactive minerals such as uranium and mineral sands.

Workers are advised not to rely on this guide alone but to be aware of and act in accordance with their employer's radiation safety rules and practices.

Information in the handbook will be applicable for workers in the uranium, mineral sands and rare earths mining sectors.

Employers are expected to use the guide in inductions of new employees as an adjunct to their own material. Employers might also distribute the guide to some existing employees.

The document complements companies' own Radiation Manuals.

Mr John Hartwell, head of the resources division of the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism, launched the handbook last week. He was speaking on behalf of the Minister for Resources and Energy, Mr Martin Ferguson, at the AusIMM International Uranium Conference in Darwin.