13 February 2009 - AUA Chairman Departs

The Australian Uranium Association today warmly acknowledged the contribution of Graeme Hunt, who heads BHP Billiton’s uranium business, and who has announced today he will leave BHP Billiton after a 34 year career.

As a consequence of his leaving BHP Billiton, Mr Hunt will also relinquish his role as Chairman of the Australian Uranium Association (AUA), the uranium industry’s representative organisation.

AUA Executive Director, Mr Michael Angwin, said the association was sorry to lose the wise leadership that Graeme Hunt provided for the industry.

“Our industry benefitted greatly from his insights and guidance and we are sorry we will lose a leader with such experience,” Mr Angwin said.

BHP Billiton has the right to appoint a Director to the Board of the AUA to replace Mr Hunt.

Mr Angwin said he expected BHP Billiton would take up this entitlement soon.

Mr Hunt would remain AUA Chairman until the new Director was appointed and his replacement would take over as Chairman immediately after, Mr Angwin said.

“The AUA will continue to provide strong representation for our members, who continue to demonstrate high levels of confidence in the long-term growth prospects of the uranium industry, driven by the continuing resurgence of the nuclear energy industry in response to concerns about energy security and climate change”.