20 February 2009 - George Monbiot edging towards nuclear

A leading anti-nuclear commentator, George Monbiot, is edging closer to outright support for nuclear energy.

Like James Lovelock and Patrick Moore before him, Monbiot says he sees nuclear energy as a low-carbon option that must be considered in a climate change context.

George Monbiot is a left wing commentator who writes for the Guardian newspaper in the UK, with a particular focus on environmental issues.

In 2006 he wrote a book called Heat on Climate Change and was dismissive of nuclear energy as a part of the solution for GHG emissions.

Monbiot is beginning to change his view on nuclear energy, moving from the traditional green position of “no nuclear, because. . . .” to a more open-minded, ‘OK nuclear, if . . . .”

George explains his stand in a blog.