Greens Senator Ludlam has set a new low in fear-mongering with claim about radiation effects on U workers (Media statement distributed 21 October)

Claims by Greens’ Senator Scott Ludlam that ‘Uranium mining has killed a lot of its workforce’ are without any factual basis, the Australian Uranium Association said today.

“These are outrageous claims and it is deeply troubling that Senator Ludlam should feel he can make them so casually.  He produces no evidence and no data.  Perhaps that is because he has none,” said Michael Angwin, Chief Executive of the Association.

“The responsible course for the Senator to take now is to withdraw his claims and to apologise to the uranium industry.  And he should publicly acknowledge his responsibility to get the facts right.”

“Senator Ludlam has set a benchmark by which all his commentary on uranium can be measured: believe nothing he says unless he produces some evidence,” Mr Angwin said.

Senator Ludlam made his claims in an ABC interview about the National Radiation Dose Register.

There have been two recorded fatalities in the Australian uranium industry, neither of them due to radiation.