SA urged to re-think Arkaroola mining ban

The Australian Uranium Association today expressed its disappointment with the Rann Government’s decision to ban mining in perpetuity in a defined area of South Australia.

“This is a poorly balanced decision which unjustifiably locks away a part of the State for all time. It will create sovereign risk for South Australia,” the Chief Executive Officer of the Association, Mr Michael Angwin, said today.

“The announcement favours one set of users over another in a decision which fails to recognise the continuing exemplary environmental performance of the mining sector,” Mr Angwin said.

“This decision has the potential to destroy businesses and it certainly destroys future opportunity”.

Mr Angwin urged the Rann Government to re-consider its announcement to take into account that the mining industry innovates continuously to access valuable ores in sensitive areas in ways that are aligned with community expectations and values.

“We share the concerns of the South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy about the precedent this decision sets and the negative signals it sends to investors,” Mr Angwin said.