AUA disappointed in WA Labor's uranium approach

The Australian Uranium Association is disappointed that the West Australian Labor Party will not allow the application of evidence-based environmental review and approval processes to all uranium projects, should it be returned to Government.

Today’s announcement by newly-elected Opposition Leader, Mr Mark McGowan, is not a change in Labor’s prohibitionist uranium policy.

It is an arbitrary approach to the application of its current policy. It is not a policy for investment certainty.

A sensible uranium policy is one which permits uranium mining on merit, in the same way that mines for all other commodities are assessed and permitted on merit.

Any other policy is bad policy.

Since 2007, Federal Labor environment ministers have applied established environmental criteria to assess and approve three uranium projects.

This is clear acknowledgment that the industry has demonstrated it can operate in a safe and environmentally acceptable way.

In Western Australia, the ALP’s approach now is to draw a completely arbitrary distinction between uranium development projects that are well advanced and those that are not, regardless of their merits and environmental credentials.

We are pleased for companies that can meet the ALP’s artificial deadline, but for those that cannot, this will be a cause for investment uncertainty.

We will continue to engage with the WA Labor Party and continue to provide information that addresses any concerns it might have.