Uranium changes to Environment Act are unnecessary

The Australian Uranium Association says the Federal Government’s move to formalise in legislation the existing advisory role of the Commonwealth Supervising Scientist Division on uranium proposals across Australia seems to be unnecessary.

The Government today claims that the amendments will formalise what has been established as standard administrative practice. 

“The uranium industry would be very concerned if these changes resulted in duplication of the review and assessment activities of State and Territory environment regulators,” said the Chief Executive Officer of the Association, Mr Michael Angwin.

“We will examine the draft legislation carefully to ensure this will not be the case,” Mr Angwin said.

“The uranium industry consistently calls for proposals for new exploration projects and mines to be assessed on merit against scientific criteria.

“This is generally expected to be the case in South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory,” he said. 

Mr Angwin noted that the Government said that extension of the Supervising Scientist role will ‘increase public confidence in the scientific rigour of the assessment and monitoring of uranium mining.’

“If the Commonwealth is right, then this will be one fewer reason for the east coast States to continue to prohibit uranium exploration and mining and they should remove those bans,” Mr Angwin said.