Greens Senator fails for second time to produce evidence

Greens’ Senator Scott Ludlam has failed for the second time to back up his claim that ‘uranium mining has killed a lot of its workforce’, the Australian Uranium Association said today.

“When Senator Ludlam made his claim originally, he must have had some numbers in mind. Since the Association challenged him, he has had the opportunity to produce the numbers but, for the second time, did not,” said Michael Angwin, Chief Executive of the Association.

“He clearly has no evidence for his claims or he would have produced it. Instead, he has blundered around radiation science in a sorry attempt to obscure his injudicious and offensive remarks.”

“He still has the opportunity to set things right by withdrawing his claims. If he doesn’t, it will be hard for anyone to believe anything he says about radiation,” Mr Angwin said.

There have been two recorded fatalities in the Australian uranium industry, neither of them due to radiation.