27 October 2010 - Uranium industry congratulates Dr Ziggy Switkowski, urges him to continue his nuclear advocacy

The Australian uranium industry today warmly acknowledged the important leadership Dr Ziggy Switkowski has provided as chairman of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation for the past five years and congratulated him on his appointment as Chancellor of RMIT University.

“During Dr Switkowski’s term as Chairman, ANSTO has strengthened its position as a tremendously important and capable institution which keeps Australia at the forefront of nuclear science and nuclear medicine,” said Mr Michael Angwin, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Uranium Association.

“In addition to its contributions to science and human health, ANSTO is a vital repository of skills and knowledge that Australia is likely one day to need in order to have the option of developing a nuclear energy industry to tackle the challenges of energy security and climate change,” Mr Angwin said.

“More than any other individual, Dr Switkowski has fostered the development of this great national resource. He is a passionate advocate both for ANSTO and, as a private citizen, for the introduction of nuclear energy for Australia.

“While his term at ANSTO is coming to an end, we look forward to Dr Switkowski continuing his energetic championing of the case for nuclear energy and for science-based assessment of the most cost-effective energy and climate solutions for Australia,” Mr Angwin said.

During his term as Chairman, ANSTO commissioned its new Open Pool Australian Light water reactor. OPAL is now one of the most productive research reactors and is highly sought after by scientists around the world.

With the reactor and its associated research and medical isotope production facilities, ANSTO has developed and strengthened revenue streams to help ensure the viability of operations at ANSTO’s Lucas Heights facilities.

“With the benefit of Dr Switkowski’s guidance, ANSTO’s continued progress among the world’s leading scientific institutions seems assured,” Mr Angwin said.

“We congratulate him on his appointment as Chancellor of RMIT University and wish him well”.