29 March 2011 - Henderson Government must use Angela Pamela statement to restore confidence

The Henderson Government should use its planned statement to the Alice Springs sittings of the NT Parliament concerning the Angela Pamela project to restore confidence in the official mine review and approvals process, the Australian Uranium Association said today.

“The Henderson Government’s decision to pre-empt that official process in the Angela Pamela case was a political intervention which seriously undermined investor confidence,” said the AUA’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Michael Angwin.

“The NT Government has the opportunity of the Alice Springs sittings of the Parliament to begin to undo the damage caused,” he said.

The Leader of Government Business, Dr Chris Burns, said the Government would be “outlining its reasons behind our opposition to the establishment of a uranium mine within 20 kilometres of Alice Springs”.

Rather than continue to state its political opposition to the project, Mr Angwin called on the Government to use the address to Parliament to:

·         State its commitment to the assessment of all mining proposals based on scientific principles and evidence in accordance with its own processes;

·         Express its confidence in the Northern Territory public service to conduct merit-based assessments of mining proposals;

·         Guarantee that uranium mining proposals in the Northern Territory will be assessed in accordance with exactly the same process that all other mining proposals follow, and

·         Guarantee that Government Ministers will not publicly express personal opinions about exploration projects which pre-empt the outcome of future official reviews of mining proposals.

“These are the minimum requirements the Henderson Government must meet if it wishes to begin restoring the confidence of Australian and international investors in its supervision of mining in the Territory,” Mr Angwin said.