Charter of the Australian Uranium Association

The Members of the Australian Uranium Association work cooperatively to ensure the Australian uranium exploration, mining and exporting industry is able to operate, expand and thrive safely and efficiently.

We will achieve this by:

A Commitment to Sustainable Development

Members will seek to balance the protection of environmental values in the areas that we explore and mine with the social and cultural needs of the communities within which we operate and the people we employ and with the business and economic imperatives of our shareholders.

Uranium stewardship

Through our commitment to the development and implementation of uranium stewardship principles, Members will contribute to actions to support the safe and peaceful use of nuclear technology. In our operations, we aim to protect individuals, society and the environment from any harmful radiological effects. We will engage others in the nuclear fuel cycle to support their efforts to do likewise.

Avoiding Anti-Trust Behaviour

Members will avoid questions or discussions that could create the appearance of an attempt to set prices or engage in other anti-competitive behaviour. Members will not discuss terms of specific contracts, specific prices for products or services (whether current or projected), allocation of markets, customers or territories, refusals to deal with particular suppliers or customers or any similar matters that might impair competition within the uranium industry.

Supporting Fit-for-Purpose Regulatory Arrangements

Members will work with governments, industry and other stakeholders to achieve fit-for-purpose public policy, laws, regulations and procedures that facilitate the contributions of uranium exploration, mining, processing and exporting to sustainable development within Australia’s sustainable development strategies.

Members will, as a minimum, adhere to the applicable international and national laws, regulations and codes that govern the industry.

Transparent Reporting

Members will implement effective and transparent engagement, communication and independently verified reporting arrangements with their stakeholders.

Members will report exploration results, mineral resources and ore reserves in accordance with the JORC Code or other national or international codes of similar stature and relevance.