About AUA

The Australian Uranium Association was established in September 2006. Its purpose is to represent the uranium industry by articulating the national and global interest associated with Australian uranium exploration, mining and export, as well as by advocating the industry's views to government and the community. The AUA is the only advocacy body that exclusively represents uranium companies.

Our aims

The primary aim of the Association is to ensure the uranium industry is able to expand and thrive safely and efficiently in an environment of:

  • policy certainty with a stable investment climate
  • fit-for-purpose regulatory and compliance arrangements based on the scientific and physical properties of uranium
  • recognition as an operationally responsible industry, including in its relationships with indigenous communities and in its environmental management and occupational health and safety and
  • public confidence and acceptance.

The Association's establishment reflects the revival of interest in uranium and nuclear power, brought about by the rising demand for energy throughout the world and by the quest for clean sources of fuel.

The Association provides a national and international perspective on global nuclear fuel activities, which provide the overall context for Australia's uranium exploration, mining and export industry.

Our work

The Association's core value and operating principle is research-based advocacy. In pursuit of that value, the Association undertakes and commissions quality research, which forms the basis of its policy proposals and its communications and engagements with stakeholders.

The Association's first research was quantitative opinion polling research, undertaken by ANOP, and released in May 2007. Since then, the AUA has:

  • established a standards framework to encourage continuous improvement to the the industry's already-excellent operational performance, including the development of a code of practice, and to help the industry continuously push the boundaries of excellence
  • commissioned and released research detailing the economic benefits of the expansion of Australian uranium exploration, mining and exports. With nearly 40% of the world's known uranium resources, Australia has the potential to add to the marked comparative advantage its minerals resources already endows
  • established an Indigenous Dialogue Group, comprising national indigenous leaders and senior managers of the uranium industry, aimed at identifying and building upon shared interests in indigenous economic development
  • commenced a uranium stewardship project to clarify accountabilities throughout the nuclear fuel cycle. The Association and its members are working closely with the World Nuclear Association, which has embarked on a similar project
  • been active in support of non-proliferation. At the beginning of rapid expansion in the Australian uranium industry, it is timely to consider the opportunities available to build on Australia's and the world's non-proliferation arrangements, both of which have proved robust and successful over a long period

Our members and our funding

The Association has 31 members, who fund the Association. Full and Participating Members, representatives of Associate Members, and the Executive Director, comprise the Board of the Association.

The Chair of the Board of the Association is Rob Atkinson, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Resources Australia Ltd. (ERA) 

Our communications

The Association's flagship publication is Australian Uranium, a bulletin covering research and policy matters and which is distributed to a wide range of opinion leaders and influencers throughout Australia.

The Association publishes a wide range of briefing and educational information on its website.

The Association prides itself on the credibility of its research and information and unreservedly offers to correct promptly anything that might be shown as wrong or misleading.