Indigenous owners must question uranium companies on project plans

AUA Executive Director Mr Michael Angwin has detailed a list of questions indigenous representatives should ask uranium companies to make sure the companies are carrying out their obligations to provide full information about a proposed project.

Mr Angwin told participants at the Yamatji Aboriginal Corporation's uranium conference in Perth that "unless we can help you fully understand what’s going to be involved in a uranium project, you won’t feel comfortable about making the trade-offs that are involved in the go-ahead for it".

Mr Angwin noted that the AUA’s Code of Practice required member companies to be completely transparent in providing information to traditional owners.

“Members have signed up to a Code of Practice for that. It is new; it is one of the first things this Association did; and open and honest communication with Traditional Owners is a central part of it,” Mr Angwin said.

“You should expect uranium companies to be open and honest and remind them of their obligations if they are not. I hope and believe that won’t be necessary,” he said..

Mr Angwin also addressed concerns that indigenous people often have about the impact uranium (and other mining) projects can have on their lands.

Read the full speech below.