Global industry response to Fukushima

The nuclear industry worldwide is continuing its coordinated global response to the Fukushima accident and aftermath.

In more than 30 countries, the nuclear industry is working through its associations and through international regulatory bodies to ensure nuclear energy provides an even safer, reliable energy solution to meet the challenges of climate change, energy security and energy poverty.

One year on from the Fukushima accident, the industry world-wide is taking stock of the work being done to learn from the accident in which an unprecedented tsunami swamped emergency cooling systems at the Fukushima Daichi nuclear power station, causing fuel to melt in three reactors and resulting in large releases of radioactive material.

The plant operator, with advice from companies, regulators and nuclear experts from around the world, now has the three damaged reactors in a safe condition known as ‘cold shutdown’ and has begun working through its long term plan to clean up the site, recover the damaged fuel cores and decommission the reactors. This is expected to take many years.

The learning process also is not yet complete. Japanese authorities are expected to produce their final review reports on the accident and its lessons towards the middle of this year.

The Fukushima accident anniversary is a time for the nuclear industry, along with people around the world, to pause to reflect that the consequences of the natural disasters and the accident for the people of Japan remain serious, with much work still to do.