14 July 2009 - AUA welcomes FourMile approval


Australian Uranium Association Welcomes Garrett Approval of FourMile Uranium Mine

Environment Minister Garrett’s approval of the FourMile uranium mine in South Australia is further recognition the Australian industry is implementing world’s best practice in uranium mining, the Australian Uranium Association (AUA) said today.

Minister Garrett today announced he had approved the mine after receiving the reports of two independent reviews of the environmental aspects of the proposal.

AUA Executive Director, Mr Michael Angwin, said Mr Garrett had noted that he was certain the mine posed no credible risk to the environment.

“Mr Garrett required that the mine was subject to a comprehensive, scientifically robust and transparent assessment process, and it passed with flying colours,” Mr Angwin said.

In his statement announcing the approval, Mr Garrett noted that both independent reviews “concluded the mining operation could go ahead without any significant lasting impact on the identified environmental values of the area and that the proposal represents world best practice in uranium mining”.

FourMile is the second environmental approval of a uranium mining operation by Minister Garrett. Last year, he approved an extension to the existing Beverley mine in South Australia, located near the FourMile project approved today.

Mr Angwin welcomed Mr Garrett’s statement today as further clear recognition that the Australian uranium mining industry operated safely and responsibly and applied environmental standards that lead the world.

Further information: Michael Angwin, 03 8616 0440; 0411 260 898