29 July 2010 - Australian Greens out of touch on uranium policy

 The Australian Uranium Association said today that the Australian Greens’ policy of wanting to ban uranium mining was unjustifiable on both environmental and economic grounds and out of touch with climate change leadership around the world.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Association, Michael Angwin, said, “Developing a broad, clean energy portfolio is one of the measures countries around the world are taking to address climate change and to meet their citizens’ needs for electricity.

“Nuclear power is an essential part of many of those portfolios and Australia supplies uranium for them.

“We continue to be surprised that the Australian Greens ignore what’s happening around the world. For a political party that says it has a global perspective on climate issues, the Greens’ stance on uranium mining is both parochial and puzzling,” Mr Angwin said.

“Some of the Greens’ positions – such as attempting to close operating uranium mines and place punitive taxes on uranium mining – would increase Australia’s sovereign risk and ultimately cost many jobs.”

Mr Angwin said that the Greens’ positions on a large number of issues on which they took a critical view of the uranium industry or sought to damage it were wrong, incomplete, misleading or selective. 

Among the issues where the Greens’ views could not be trusted were:

  • the market for uranium and the determinants of its price;
  • the current and future state of the nuclear industry;
  • environmental management and water usage in uranium mining;
  • radiation science, and the industry’s relations with Indigenous communities.

“The Association will continue to challenge the Greens whenever their positions mislead or misinform. But we would also like to re-assure the Greens on issues on which we share a common interest.

“With that in mind, I have written to the Leader of the Greens, Senator Bob Brown, seeking a meeting to bring him up to date,” Mr Angwin said.