Australia has uranium deposits of world significance

Deposits of uranium of differing size and grade can be found in most parts of Australia.

The most significant deposits are in South Australia, the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland.

Uranium companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year searching for new deposits and more accurately measuring the quality and size of deposits that have already been identified.

Geoscience Australia assesses and maps Australia’s uranium resources and identified deposits. GA's map shows the locations of Australia’s most significant uranium deposits.

Mining is currently limited to South Australia, Western Australia (where the first mine is expected to be operating by 2014) and the Northern Territory.

The Olympic Dam deposit in South Australia is the single largest deposit in the world.

The extent of the resource at Ranger in the Northern Territory has been confirmed as also being of world significance. Large deposits, such as Yeelirrie, Mulga Rocks and Kintyre, also exist in Western Australia.

Exploration is not permitted in New South Wales or Victoria so the extent of resources there is not known.