Available on the french Reeltastic casino Promotions

Welcome bonus

The first bonus that most new fans will receive on the online casino Reeltastic is known as the welcome bonus. This bonus will be given in the form of a small amount of money requiring no prior deposit, or in the form of a match bonus which is only granted to the time where the player makes his first deposit. The amount of a no deposit bonus varies usually between €5 and €50, and players cannot withdraw these funds until certain betting conditions are met. A bonus on deposit can be up to 300% of the first deposit of a player, but in most cases, this percentage is only valid up to height of a certain amount, for example €1,000.

Weekly and monthly bonus

Weekly and monthly bonuses are offered to clients in the site to strengthen their loyalty. A weekly bonus is actually a kind of match bonus, except that its amount is not as high as that of the initial welcome bonus. Indeed, a casino can for example give a bonus of 100% on the deposit weekly of a player, and this up to 100 euros. It should be noted that the nature of the weekly bonus varies from one casino to another. A monthly bonus, meanwhile, is usually a cash back bonus (cash back). This bonus is designed to help players recover some of the losses that they have granted the casino for a period of 30 days. The monthly bonuses can also be defined on the basis of the amount of money that a player has deposited during a period of 30 days.

Other bonus

Of other types of bonus may be offered to players at the casino Reeltastic. These include sponsorship and bonuses bonuses for big bettors still called VIP. A referral bonus is granted whenever a player recruits successfully another player on a casino bonus online.The bonus funds are awarded as soon as the player who was referred, makes a deposit. A big bettor bonus is awarded to players who spend more than a certain amount of money at a casino in a certain period of time. The bonus can be a fixed amount of money, of the free slots spins or a big match on deposit bonus.

That is a bonus on deposit?

In a simple way, a bonus on deposit is a sum of money that a generous casino like casino online french Reeltastic attributed to his players whenever they deposit. The amount and duration of life of these bonuses vary from one casino to another, so we often advise players to search for the best deal possible. Most often, the bonus on deposit are offered at three different times: to create a new account on a bonus casino, every month or every week as bonus offered to the members, and during special promotions. Bettors should carefully check the information available on the web site of the casino for the amounts and frequency of bonuses offered to them.

Types of bonus on deposit

Welcome to deposit bonus is usually the biggest bonus that a player will receive as part of his membership in a casino. The majority of casinos offer 100% matching on from deposit up to €100, but some casinos will offer 400% or 500% match on deposit, especially in order to attract new players. Weekly and monthly bonuses are basically much smaller (no more than 50% match) but they’re still after all the free money; players should enjoy it as much as possible. Furthermore, a casino bonus can occasionally hold promotions during which the bonus on deposit will be temporarily increased.

Conditions of release

As on any type of bonus, there are certain set conditions attached to the bonus on deposit. These are put in place so that the players can not withdraw money free of their accounts as soon as the casino their offers. Most often, an online casino will ask players to bet 20 times the bonus amount offered before the bonus money can be withdrawn. The casino separately records the movements of each player. Thus, players will be able to know exactly how far away they are the validation of the wagering requirements on the french online Reeltastic casino.